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Rokit shoots for Guinness record

Water Bottle Rocket Challenge
What unites NASA, the University of Central Lancashire and Rokit, the world’s famous water-powered educational rocket? They are all coming together to create a new Guinness World Record.

And they’ll need plenty of help to make it happen – could that be you, your school or college, your friends and family?

NASAAt stake is the record for the most water-powered bottle rockets launched globally in 24 hours. The record attempt has been set up to celebrate a joint space mission by NASA and the University of Central Lancashire, and Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory to take high resolution images of the Sun, our nearest star.

uclanGetting involved is simplicity itself. Arm yourself with a Rokit water-powered rocket or two; arrange your own launch party; and record the launches, so that the good people from the Guinness World of Records can verify your launches and add them to the total. Every verified launch, anywhere in the world, will count so long as it takes place within one 24 hour period, between 12 noon GMT on 4 July and 12 noon on 5 July.

If you don’t have a Rokit, then simply log on to www.waterrokit.com to order your essential supplies right away, so you can get practicing with your team. Rokit is the world’s only patented water rocket, used by teachers and  advisors the world over for interactive science lessons, and designed to fly using just a fizzy drink bottle, some water and air pressure created by a bicycle pump. Simple technology, but lots of fun!

And to find out more about the challenge, the HI-C mission, and the Guiness World of Records requirements, visit the project website at www.24hourrocketchallenge.com

Don’t delay, there’s not long for you to get prepared to play your part and join what may turn out to be one of the biggest Guinness records ever recorded!


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