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Why you should own a Water Rokit

Charlotte Harverson

Charlotte Harverson

Head of Education and Sales

"The original fun filled Water Rokit is the 'go to' for family enjoyment,education in rocketry and STEM learning,
inspiring children of all ages across the globe in science and engineering."

As parents, we often face the challenge of what to do with the kids at the weekend, and the nagging concern they’re playing Fortnight or Rocket League AGAIN.  I’ve had the wrestling match of prising the PlayStation controller away from my 11-year-old son, and threatening to disconnect the internet if he doesn’t turn it off many times!

As a child of the 70s, I spent every waking hour outside playing, creating and using my imagination. As parents, we know it’s key to get our children out and about breathing fresh air and encouraging them to glance at the sky and get some exercise.

Then Ta Dahhhh there was a gift from the heavens.  A Water Rokit propelled its way into my life and a new dimension of outside family fun and learning instantly materialised.

I still remember vividly the first day we flew our Water Rokit. My son and I packed a picnic, collected two of his friends and headed up to the Downs with our new Water Rokit and foot pump.  It was to be the first of many unforgettable days which created wonderful memories for us all, that we will cherish for many years to come.

On the first day, I let the boys build the water rocket on their own. It’s a beautifully engineered, simple to build, kit which uses a recyclable fizzy pop bottle.  In no time at all the water rocket was primed and ready for its maiden voyage.

With the children full of anticipation, they stood back from the water rocket – which was standing proudly on the ground – and began to pump in the air.

As the pressure began to build, the excitement and anticipation reflected in the boys’ faces as they waited with bated breath for the water rocket to take to the skies.  With eyes fixed firmly on the water rocket my son kept pumping and then… ‘boom and woosh’ within a split second it expelled its water, creating a huge thrust and propelling the rocket up and up into the sky for all to see.

We all laughed until our sides hurt. I defy anyone not to laugh and smile when this wonderful piece of engineering launches.

The day just got better and better. Launch after launch, we all had numerous goes, and then something amazing happened. The boys were experimenting and learning without even knowing it.

What if we put more water in, they said? What if we launch it at an angle?  How can we tell how fast it’s traveling, and look at what happens with just a little wind? See how fast the water is pushed out and how it works just like a real NASA rocket.  The questions just kept coming.

I’m passionate about science and engineering and for me to hear the boys make these remarks and to witness them developing their own flight strategies was music to my ears! They were learning science whilst having the best fun, not even realising it.

So, what are you waiting for?  Grab your kids and a Water Rokit and go get yourself a big slice of fun and adventure, you never know you might learn something too.

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