Press Release – Partnership with Barracudas

Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy


We have lift off! A new partner on board for 2023!

Here at Water Rokit HQ we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Barracudas Activity Day Camps. Barracudas is the UK’s number one children’s holiday club, offering multi-activity camps with a variety of courses for all ages. They are launching a rocket science Skills Builder course for 2023. The course will stretch their curiosity about space and expand their science knowledge. Link to course.

Barracudas Logo UKs Favourite Childrens Holiday Camp

Developing with Skills Builder courses

The Skills Builder courses will be added to the kid’s week’s activities and have been designed to ignite passions whilst developing knowledge and skills. Our Head of Sales and Education Charlotte Harverson has been key in helping design the course, with her extensive rocket knowledge and passion for getting kids into science by having fun.

About Rocketeers

The course is ideal for children aged 7 – 14 years old. With 5 progressive sessions throughout the week, they will learn about the same principles that NASA and Space X use when they launch their space rockets. Group sizes will be limited to 12 children, to give them the best opportunities for learning and development.

They will discover how to launch a rocket into space, using their very own Water Rokit kit. They’ll experiment and explore the elements of launch, including their crucial mission to return an astronaut safely to earth. Will they survive the re-entry to Earth landing?

As well as a comprehensively developed programme, they’ll also build up a dictionary of space terms throughout the week and be a qualified “Rocketeer” at the end of the week. The best bit is they get to take a Water Rokit kit home!

Why partner with Water Rokit?

Barracudas has chosen Water Rokit as it’s the preferred STEM tool in the UK core science curriculum and we know it’s the most fun and engaging way to teach kids about Newton’s laws of motion. We can’t wait to hear all about it!

From the initial meeting with Water Rokit we knew, we had the opportunity to create something special for our customers. Our visions and passions to engage children in exciting content, stretching their minds and imaginations was aligned. The conversation is always alive with ideas, the support provided, and knowledge shared in rocketry is superb.

The Water Rokit product is fantastic, it provides not only an exciting experiment on its own, but it opens the door to a wealth of learning and exploration. We are thrilled to be on this journey with Water Rokit as our partner, the opportunity to not only expand our own knowledge, but to then cascade this down to children and spark that curiosity in young minds is marvellous.

See Barracudas Skills Builder courses for more information.

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