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40 Years of Water Rokit

Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy


The biggest news from Water Rokit that’s out of this world!   Watch this SPACE.   

To celebrate our 40th birthday Water Rokit announces FREE educational courses for STEM hubs, schools, holiday camps and clubs. Our newest recruit, Charlotte Harverson, has been working hard putting together the most brilliant collection of collateral that can be yours totally free*.   

  • Water Rokit Activity Day 
  • Lessons & Sessions 
  • Newsletter 
  • Rokit Dictionary  
  • Blogs and Podcasts 
  • Website Education Portal  


Watch the video below for an introduction to water rokit's education resources

Play Video about WR Intro to Education Resources Thumbnail

The Water Rokit Activity Day is taken from the original experiments’ booklet from the 1980s, redesigned to work with classes and groups aged 8 – 14 along with a bonus EGGstra (what could that be??) from Dr Simon Foster of Imperial College.

We’ve even designed the Rocketeers Certificate to hand out at the end of your activity day that you can print off.  It’s truly hands-on fun that you cannot get elsewhere. We struck a deal with NASA which means we have access to brilliant images from the International Space Archives (ISA) not available publicly.  

WR Activity Day Page 1
WR Artemis Session Page 1

The Lessons and Sessions cover a number of subjects relating to Science, Engineering, Rocketry and Space. 

Our first Lessons focus on Newton’s Laws of Motion and Gravity, and Energy stores. With further Sessions in development on The Artemis Missions and other exciting NASA and Space X Projects.

Our newsletter will be packed with fun activities and news, as well as picking up on our Word of the Week. You can sign up for the newsletters and/or the Rokit Word of the Week here. 

From time to time we will be publishing more blogs when something exciting happens in the space world (and let’s face it, that’s pretty often at the moment) and Charlotte has some inspiring podcasts in the pipeline with some interesting people. 

All of this will be accessible through our brand-new Education Portal, coming soon. Don’t forget we sell our product in discounted bundles for schools, clubs and colleges and have spare parts available too – making our product more sustainable – no need to buy new kits – just replace any parts you want!  

Last but not least, look out for our upcoming Water Rokit STEM video – starring junior rocketeers and Melissa (Thorpe) Quinn – Head of Spaceport Cornwall, filmed in the style of NASA, in Cornwall by Design 79 with the help of Germoe Community Primary School.  

What better way to encourage children into STEM than with children who love STEM! 

We are launching ALL of this to coincide with Science Week of course. This year is all about CONNECTIONS – we can see how important connections are when it comes to the launch of a Water Rokit! 

*free until end of April 2023

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