The Rokit. Past, Present & Future

Hinterland was the first company to bring a precision water rocket to market. A British, family-owned company passionate about bringing science alive for children and schools throughout the world.

The inventors, Roger Wilkins and Max Jackson, both engineers that designed and built machines to automate manufacturing and assembly lines, conceived the idea of the Water Rokit in the late 1970s.

It took around 3 years to develop the Water Rokit, ensuring the components worked together properly, and were capable of withstanding the impact of landing after every launch!

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Roger Wilkins & Max Jackson meet in the pub to throw around ideas for fun. The water rocket idea is the only one left viable on the table at closing time.


The Water Rokit prototype is launched in the local park with Roger Wilkins & Max Jackson (the inventors), all the children (two sets of twins) and the dog. 

Final adjustments are made to the fins and the cap as a result of the experimental flights.

We have lift off!

Water Rokit is now the preferred scientific item in the UK core Science Curriculum - bringing science alive for children of all ages.

Rokit Science

Water Rokits are orbiting around the world in schools and colleges, as well as individual households. Children, teenagers, teachers, and science geeks are all revelling in the re-usable Water Rokit that teaches the Laws of Motion.

Orbiting the World

100,000s of Water Rokits are sold worldwide - the trajectory of the Water Rokit now reaching schools and colleges in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and USA.

Rokit goes galactic

Limited edition NASA Water Rokit is prepared for launch worldwide.

Original Packaging Revamped

The Original Water Rokit packaging gets a facelift while keeping the world-famous retro theme.

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