You will always remember the day you flew your first Water Rokit!

WR Hero Family Photo
Water Rokit - Rokit and Roll

We all remember those special family moments when everyone is together and something amazing happens.
Whether it’s a unique holiday, fireworks, or memorable show – a shared experience that remains with you forever.

The day you launch your first Water Rokit will be up there with those memories. It’s so incredible how high it
flies – we challenge you not to be open mouthed with amazement! A gift for all ages that can be used again and again.


Choose an outdoor greenspace for your launch site, like a field, with at least 40 metres (140 feet) of space around you.

Assemble your Water Rokit kit and attach this to a used plastic carbonated drinks bottle (best to use 1 litre sized bottle).




Part fill the bottle with water (about ¼ full), and attach the Water Rokit to a cycle, stirrup or foot pump using the yellow launch tube (all pumps are universal).

Pump up the Water Rokit, for automatic release and WE HAVE LIFT OFF!



Water Rokit is
re-usable and soars over 100 feet (that's the height of a 10 storey building!)

Blast off!

The Original
Water Rokit

limited edition

Powered by Air ...
Goes like a Rokit

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