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Water Rokit

Since the birth of Water Rokit in 1983 we have been exciting rocketeers and space cadets in learning about rockets and science. A British family-owned company passionate about bringing science alive for children and schools throughout the world.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… We have Lift Off!


Choose an outdoor greenspace for your launch site, like a field, with at least 40 metres (140 feet) of space around you.

Assemble your Water Rokit kit and attach this to a used plastic carbonated drinks bottle (best to use 1 litre sized bottle).


Part fill the bottle with water (about ¼ full), and attach the Water Rokit to a cycle, stirrup or foot pump using the yellow launch tube (all pumps are universal).


Pump up the Water Rokit, for automatic release, and BLAST OFF!

Water Rokit is re-usable and soars over 100 feet (that's the height of a 10 storey building!)

The Original Water Rokit
Complete Water Rokit Kit


The Original Water Rokit - Complete Water Rokit Kit – In Box

How Water Rokit works

Water Rokit, by Hinterland, has been designed to launch itself automatically at a set pressure, and is engineered to do this repeatedly. This makes Water Rokit perfect to perform science experiments such as exploring Newton’s Laws of Motion, acceleration and trajectory.

The original Water Rokit is a visual, safe and hands-on product which promotes fun and enthusiasm when teaching children of all ages – it’s why so many schools throughout the world have used Water Rokit as part of their core curriculum since way back in 1983.

Want to know more about the science of Water Rokit?


Using materials chosen for long-life, the kit comprises high quality impact resistant components, sourced and manufactured in the UK, and requires a carbonated drinks bottle with a bicycle, stirrup or foot pump. Used correctly, a Water Rokit will last for many years and is a good way to upcycle and reuse your carbonated drinks bottles as well!

Maths + Science = Engineering + Water = Fun

Water Rokit for education

Water Rokit brings science alive for children of all ages.

The Original Water Rokit
For Education
The Original Water Rokit - For Education – 5 Pack
The Original Water Rokit - For Education – 10 Pack

Get your Water Rokit

Available from education suppliers, science museums and shops throughout the world. Or buy today in our online store with different education packs available to suit your size of classroom.

The Science of Water Rokit

A squid propels itself by filling its body with water and ejecting it backwards in order to move forwards. This is the principle used by rocket engineers. Space rockets use fuels that are burned in a chamber shaped rather like a bottle, with the neck pointing backwards. The burning fuel produces a large quantity of gas that is further expanded by the heat generated and this is ejected through the neck (or nozzle) of the “bottle” (normally called the combustion chamber) at a very high velocity, propelling the rocket in the opposite direction.

The Water Rokit, like the squid, uses water as the driving agent and compressed air instead of heat to provide the energy.

At launch (just before the brass bung automatically releases) the pressure in the bottle is around 18 x 104 N/m2 (or about 25psi). The water is forced through a nozzle with a cross sectional area of about 1cm2 and this produces a theoretical thrust of around 18 Newtons (about 3.9lbs). As the water is ejected the Water Rokit gets lighter in weight resulting in an increased acceleration or ‘g’ force. Unlike a space rocket this period of acceleration happens very quickly, taking approximately 1 second for the water to be fully ejected, at around 3 metres (10 feet) of distance travelled. At this height the Water Rokit is accelerating at about 9 metres per second (around 20 miles per hour), providing enough energy for the Water Rokit to fly upwards to 30 metres (100 feet).

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