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Rocket Activity Day Lesson (and notes)

  • KS1
  • KS2

In this Rocket Activity Day, you’ll cover the knowledge about rockets and satellites required to launch your very own Water Rokit and become a Junior Rocketeer! There are also some fun activities and experiments to try, and a certificate to give to your qualified Junior Rocketeers at the end of the day.

Information you’ll cover:

    1. Why are Space rockets important?
    2. What is a satellite?
    3. How many satellites orbit the Earth?
    4. How many miles per hour does a satellite travel in orbit?
    5. How long does it take for a satellite to orbit the Earth?
    6. What is the ISS?
    7. How fast does a rocket travel to get into Space?
    8. What is a payload?
    9. What does it take to launch a rocket upwards?
    10. Newton’s Third Law of Motion
    11. How do we generate thrust?
    12. How do we make sure that the rocket goes straight up, and doesn’t shoot off to the left or right? How do we keep it stable?
    13. The Astronaut Egg experiment and the science behind it.


This resource contains two downloads:

A Lesson to be presented to your class, and Lesson Slides with Notes to be used by teachers as they present the Lesson.

Check out our Rocket Activity Day Session, designed to be used with this Lesson.


Want us to run your Rocket Activity Day?

Invite Water Rokit and NASA into your classroom, and inspire and motivate your students into STEM learning with action-packed rocket fun!

Check out our Junior Rocketeer Activity Day.

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