Your Frequently Asked Questions

In normal conditions Rokit will fly to approximately 30 metres, which is just over 100 feet.

Rokit launches itself automatically, and this happens when the pressure builds up sufficiently to release the inflationary tube which is around 25psi.

You must use a plastic fizzy pop bottle. Rokit is not suitable for any other type of bottle. The Rokit fins have been designed to work best with 1 litre or 1.5 litre fizzy pop bottles. The maximum bottle size recommended is 2 litres.

Rokit releases automatically at a pre-determined pressure which means it is suitable for carrying out the same experiments many times. It is also a visual teaching aid enabling pupils to see and understand science – it’s a fun way to teach Laws of Motion / trajectories and angles / measuring height and so on.

Rokit is not a toy, and should be used under adult supervision. Used in this way Rokit is suitable for young children (6 upwards). For young children they may find a tripod, stirrup or foot pump easier to use than a cycle pump as it requires far less effort and is easier to operate. There is no upper ‘age limit’ for Rokit, though beware – it may bring out the child in every adult that uses Rokit!

Yes. Looked after properly, Rokit should provide many years of fun with countless take-offs. If Rokit lands on a hard surface e.g. concrete then sometimes this may damage the fizzy pop bottle, and you may need to replace the bottle. Spares are available like replacement pressure tubes as well as the Rokit tail assembly only in case these parts are lost.

No. Rokit is for outdoor use only. Under normal conditions, it flies to around 30 metres making it unsuitable and unsafe for indoor use.

No. Although Rokit won’t fly very high without a propellant fuel such as water. Try it and see for yourself! You must never use any flammable liquid or gas with Rokit under any circumstances.

No. Under normal use, Rokit automatically launches at around 25psi. Fizzy pop bottles are designed to withstand much greater pressure, many times this level.

Frequent questions about buying from us

We deliver Rokit and accessories worldwide.

We aim to despatch goods by post or courier on the day you place your order (Mondays to Fridays). During busy times it can take up to 24hours to despatch your goods.

Rokit, and Rokit branded accessories carry a 12 (twelve) month guarantee against defects. Accessories such as pumps and bottles also carry a guarantee, limited to the manufacture guidelines. See our delivery terms and conditions for more details and for our returns policy. Generally we replace faulty parts free of charge. If you have a problem with our products then please contact us so we can rectify this.

Just contact us! Use our email at or alternatively telephone us on 0044 (0)1438 355291. We aim to respond to you within 24 hours.

Frequent questions about Usage & Assembly

A large open space is recommended like a playing field. You should allow a radius of at least 75 metres (225 feet) around the Rokit launch area as on a windy day the Rokit will rarely land close to where it took off from. You must also ensure it is safe to launch the Rokit – you must not launch Rokit in a dense populated area and you must never launch Rokit near overhead power cables or similar obstructions. Be aware of nearby trees so as not to lose the Rokit on its decent. Be mindful of other people that may be near the Rokit or within the Rokit landing zone area.

You may be using too much water in the Rokit. For optimum use we recommend to fill the fizzy pop bottle to approximately ¼ (one quarter) with water. Over filling will make the Rokit too heavy for launch causing it to turn sideways. You should also check to make sure Rokit is placed on a firm and flat surface – you can use the launch wire included for setting Rokit in a vertical position. The Rokit should be pointing vertical when launching. On a windy day the Rokit can be blown sideways. A gust of wind will likely push Rokit off-course!

For optimum use we recommend to fill the fizzy pop bottle to approximately ¼ (one quarter) with water. Over filling will make the Rokit too heavy for launch causing it to turn sideways. Under filling Rokit may mean its flight time is less, meaning less height is achieved.

Any good quality cycle barrel, track, stirrup, tripod or foot pump with universal connections will work. Cycle barrel pumps should be at least 15 inches in length. For ease of operation a track, tripod, stirrup or foot pump is more suitable as less effort is required to launch Rokit (for younger children especially).

Yes. It’s best to use some household rain water gutters, and adapt it as a launch system (this experiment is in the Rokit Experiments manual). Household gutter is a good material as the fizzy pop bottle fits comfortably onto this, reducing the friction upon take off.

Under normal operating conditions Rokit will fly to around 30 metres. At around 25psi the black rubber nozzle is designed to expand allowing the brass plug on the yellow pressure tube to be automatically ejected. It is the amount pressure build-up that ultimately determines the acceleration of Rokit and thus the height of flight achieved. We do not recommend modifying Rokit in any way to make it fly higher.

To protect the screw cap if the Rokit lands on a hard surface like concrete. Without the o’ring the shock wave may break the plastic screw collar. All plastic components are made using tough and flexible materials.

You need to assemble the fins correctly as per the instructions. Correctly assembled the fins should never fall off the Rokit during flight.

You need to assemble the rubber nozzle as shown in the diagram on the instructions. It has a groove around its body which must clip into the plastic screw collar. Correctly assembled the rubber nozzle should never fall off the Rokit during flight.

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