The Original Water Rokit,
famous since 1983

Water Rokit fuels and inspires science Education and fun, outdoors, with 100 ft launches!

Water Rokit was invented in 1983 with precision engineering that’s made to last. Manufactured in the UK, with spare parts available, it continually inspires young scientists. With launches of up to 100ft (the height of a 10 storey building) in the great outdoors, it is family fun (and education) you will always remember!

WR Hero Family Photo

Choose from :

The famous Original Water Rokit

Limited edition NASA Water Rokit


Inspiring the next generation in STEM through Junior Rocketry


Water Rokit’s Education Portal has been designed to provide teachers, group leaders and all STEM ambassadors with exciting activity content.

From simple Words of the Week through to quick Lessons and more detailed Sessions, there is something for everyone!

The Lessons and Sessions cover a number of subjects relating to Science, Engineering, Rocketry and Space. 

Our first Lessons focus on Newton’s Laws of Motion and Gravity, and Energy stores. With further Sessions in development on The Artemis Missions and other exciting NASA and Space X Projects.

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